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Assembly and packaging of disposable medical devices

Assembling Disposable Medical Devices

Safe-MED® offers itself as a partner providing support to the clients who are equipped with automated lines for assembling disposable medical devices, by intervening in those phases of the process which cannot be entrusted to machines.

    We are in fact specialized in assembling the following:

  • - Sets characterized by critical components (such as, e.g., flow regulators and non return valves);
  • - Components which are necessarily subjected to visual selection (blood transfusion drip chambers, silicone components);
  • - Extension lines with critical diameters (for instance 1 x 2.5mm and 1.5 x 3mm)

  • We additionally provide a blister packaging service for medication articles, such as numerically counted gauzes/tampons, characterized by extremely high precision, which only qualified and trained staff are able to ensure. Safe-MED can currently assemble and package the following products:

  • - Transfusion kits
  • - Infusion kits
  • - Patient surgery kits
  • - Medication kits (TNT AND COTTON)
  • - Fluid drainage bags, bags for parenteral nutrition
  • - Thoracentesis and paracentesis kits, bladder catheterization kits
  • - Individual or surgical suction tubes
  • - Tubing sets for arthroscopy and urology
  • - Sets for blood transfusion
  • - Flow regulators
  • - Syringes with distilled water and glycerin, distilled water and gel for bladder catheterization
  • - Extension sets diameter 1 x 2.5
  • - Extension line
  • - Cancer kits
  • - Safety Clamps
  • - The company is capable of offering a wide range of blister packs: different in size and in medical material used, suitable for several articles intended both for the ethylene oxide sterilization, and for the steam or radiation sterilization

Tubing sets for arthroscopy and urology
Thoracentesis and paracentesis kits, bladder catheterization kits